Back before Heroes had an official department on Ivy Lane next to the police station, or enjoying the limelight with a million dollar sponsorship, they were rough and tough vigilantes who had to hide from the coppers while maintaining a day job. They were DJs, firefighters, boxers, athletes or even cops themselves. Before the Heroes went public, they were Anonymous…

Thirteen or so years before the Gremliminator time traveled into the past to become the ultimate negligent supervillain of all time, although since it’s time travel, he’s still technically around, before the great Transiston hung up his shiny metal power armor to become the flower arranging, technological mastermind behind all of the latest repulsor lift technology in the 21st century, before…okay so it’s not before Captain Masochisto. That crazy bastard is still throwing himself headlong into the fray because he likes it like that.

Looks like that previous paragraph is a giant run on sentence…and before all of that stuff up there, these heroes were just a few super powers between a bullet, the streets and a dirt nap… or asphalt nap, I suppose, depending where the bullet hits you. The cops actually had to do their job. The city was a lot safer, and hadn’t been attacked by a dozen monsters yet.

And…that brings us to the point of all this. The Heroes, despite not having all of whatever I said before, still were heroes and still tried really, really hard not to be laughed at while wearing capes and tights (or Phantom of the Opera style suits, depending on the hero).

Game Structure

  • We are running the Tri-Stat dX Rule system. All characters are required to be 90 CP to start. We use d8s with the Modern Day Superhero setting and a SP start value of 30. Visit the New Character Rules page to see the full list of details. A full character with bio is required with final GM approval in order to play.
  • For those of you looking to join, the game is in fact online only played over Google chat (text only). Play has not yet begun as we are currently only in the planning stages of the campaign. More information will be added as it is discovered by us.

Heroes Anonymous 199X

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