The Ellusionist

Criminals Only Have the Illusion of Freedom


Real ID: Daniel Doucet


Body: 5 – 8 CP
Mind: 8 – 16 CP
Soul: 8 – 16 CP

Health Points: 65
Energy Points: 80
Shock Value: 13

ACV: 7 (/w Cane in melee: 9)
DCV: 5 (/w Cane in melee or vs. ranged: 6)


Combat Technique 3 – 3 CP

  • Block Ranged Attacks (Requires Umbrella Shield)
  • Deflection (Deflects attacks harmlessly away, not damaging the shield; -2/special attack level to defense check against special attacks)
  • Reflection (If Deflection check is successful, can make attack check to return attack to any target within range; attack check counts as an attack for the round)

Dynamic Powers 1 – 15 CP Total (Magic Tricks)

  • Area 2 (1m radius)
  • Duration 1 (1 round)
  • Targets 2 (5 people affected)

Features 1- 1 CP

  • Appearance

Gadgets 2 – 4 CP

  • Customized Condo; Major (Secret entrance)
  • Condo upgrade, Luxury Interior; Minor (rather garish and comfortable interior)
  • Passenger Car, 4-door; Major (180 kph top speed; 5 people; 200kg cargo; 5 armor; 60 HP)
  • Car upgrade, Convertible Top; Minor (fire out the vehicle with no difficulty; more exposed to attack)
  • Car upgrade, Engine Rebuild; Minor (upgraded engine; +20 kph top speed)
  • Car upgrade, Luxury Interior; Minor (extra comfortable interior)
  • Car upgrade, Rotating License Plate; Minor (alternate car identity; illegal)
  • Car upgrade, Oil Slick; Minor (vehicles make Driving Skill check or crash; 3 rounds of use)
  • Smoke Grenade; Minor (3m radius, lasts 3-8 rounds depending on wind, -4 attack penalty when attacking a target obscured by smoke if attacker doesn’t have night vision)
  • Night Vision Goggles; Minor (built into mask)

Highly Skilled 3 – 3 CP

Projection 3 – 16 CP (Holographic Imagers)

  • 1m Radius projections
  • Area 4 (100m radius around center)
  • Duration 3 (1 minute duration)
  • Range 1 (10m maximum throw distance)
  • Limited Use, Instantaneous; 3 times a day

Item of Power “Cane of Wonders” 4 per level – 15 CP for 12 CP

Armor; Shield 3 (15 Damage Reduction) 2 CP Total (Umbrella Shield)

  • Activation Time; Can’t be Interrupted; 10 Initiative; -1 CP

Flight; Glider 1 (10 kph) 1 CP Total (Umbrella Glider)

  • Activation Time; Can’t be Interrupted; 10 Initiative; -1 CP

Special Attack 2 “Sleep Darts” (4 CP + 4 CP from Abilities); 8 CP Total

  • Incapacitating; 6 CP
  • Range 2 (100m range); 2 CP
  • Limited Shots (6 shots); -2 CP
  • No Damage; -2 CP

Special Attack 2 “Shock Strike” (4 CP + 2 CP from Abilities x 50% Alt Attack); 3 CP Total

  • Stun; 2 CP
  • Alternate Attack; 50% CP Cost


Famous – 1 Bonus CP (A recent comic book has made the Ellusionist popular among the populace)
Phobia; Rabbits – 1 Bonus CP (One of these days, they’re going to be hiding you in a hat. You’re sure of it.)
Significant Other – 1 Bonus CP (Emily Heyd)
Skeleton in the Closet – 1 Bonus CP (Vigilante Identity)


Burglary 2(Breaking-and-Entering) 6 SP
Climbing 1 (Walls) 2 SP
Disguise 2 (Costume) 6 SP
Driving 1 (Car) 2 SP
Performing Arts 1 (Fast Talking) 2 SP
Sleight of Hand 3 (Stage Magic) 9 SP
Melee Attack 2 (Cane) 14 SP
Melee Defence 1 (Cane) 7 SP
Ranged Defence 1 (Personal) 12 SP

60/60 SP Used
90/90 CP Used

Damage Chart

Attack Name \ Damage Roll 2-4 5-8 9-13 14-16
Shock Strike (Stun Damage) 27 22 17 12

Back in North Borderline High School, Daniel Doucet was known as a bit of a playboy. He loved being the center of attention, and tended to hit on any female in his immediate vicinity, but never made any lasting ties with them. In fact, the only female he was ever seen with on a regular basis was his friend Krissi Hunter, although nothing ever happened between them. Maybe they got along so well because Krissi never went ga-ga over him like the rest. The two of them, along with their third friend John Saito, were always together in their spare time during high school. They even joked about becoming ‘heroes’ and forming a team. Only with Daniel, it wasn’t completely a joke.

His hobby of magic tricks (which he had been using to impress admirers) as well as a ‘Magician Cane’ he acquired from a hobby store (and then had heavily customized) allowed him to be a hero. He wasn’t stupid though, and started small time: schoolyard bullies, troublemakers, taggers and the like. He stayed with these lowly criminals all through high school, since his friends always treated the idea as a joke.

After graduation, Daniel realized something important that he had not really thought of before: being a ‘hero’ didn’t pay the bills. Fortunately, he discovered he was very good at reading the stock market. At first, he performed magic shows to raise capital, luckily he wasn’t on the cops’ radar yet, but eventually he could live off just the stock markets. He could afford better equipment to go against the bigger targets. Over the years, Daniel slowly lost contact with his friends from high school. Last he had heard was that Krissi went into a University, while <<tbd>> was working on becoming a cop.

For the next five years, the Ellusionist (as he began calling himself) trained using the skulls of whatever criminals he could find. He was becoming fairly wealthy, although his civilian persona lived cheaply to finance better equipment to be a hero. Over the years, he upgraded his pursuits to more dangerous criminals including robbers, suicidal morons intent on destroying the city with pitifully stupid plans, and violent gangs (never the entire gang at once, unless it was a small gang). One day, Daniel was nailing a gang leader and was certain he could nab him and get out of the dilapidated building before the rest of the gang showed up. Unfortunately, the cops turned up just as he made his entrance, putting the entire gang on guard. Daniel had to abort his mission, but caught a 9mm round in his right shoulderblade during his escape. The cops saw it happen, so the hospital would be dangerous.

As he sat on a park bench deciding whether to suck it up and go to the hospital (and likely be arrested soon afterwards for being a vigilante), a girl walked by, and it turned out his luck hadn’t completely ran out after all. She introduced herself as Emily Heyd, a Pre-med student at the University a few blocks away. The girl snuck him back to her dorm room, where she managed to treat his wound as well as any fully-trained doctor. Luckily, she had the room to herself, so she let Daniel stay a day and rest on her couch while she went to classes. Emily forgot to leave something for him to eat, so Daniel was forced to scrounge for food while she was gone. The shelf full of comics, manga and doodles caught his eye. The doodles were really good, but he was sure they were of him.

Of course, Emily returned right as Daniel held one of the doodles in his hands. She explained (in a panicked, embarrassed manner) that she loves comic books, Japanese manga, and drawing. Her parents didn’t want her ‘wasting time’ with such hobbies, but she does anyway. She even started her own comic based on the Ellusionist, which she saw years ago. She just doesn’t know what to write about.

As a way of thanks, Daniel started telling her how he got started (using the name ‘Roy’ instead of his real name) to give her material, and offered to come back and tell her more. Over the next year, he secretly returned to Emily’s dorm room, usually via window. Once every two weeks or so, he would show up and relate some of his old tales: saving teenage school-girls from creepy otaku-freaks, stopping the rampage of a genetically modified platypus, taking out an entire gang, one member at a time without ever being spotted.

During that year, Emily worked up the nerve to submit her comic, which was serialized. It quickly became very popular, which also skyrocketed the Ellusionist’s fame. Emily never got tired of Daniel’s stories, and even started to enthusiastically draw the next comic while he was there.

Finally, his tales reached the night he was shot during a gang-raid that went badly. How he had been bleeding on a bench deciding if he should turn himself in to get treatment, but instead he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she saved his life. Emily stopped drawing and they looked at each other. Without another word, and as if it was perfectly natural, the two kissed each other for the first time.

Nothing further happened that night, as Daniel excused himself and left. Despite his playboy attitude during highschool, he had never actually fallen in love before. Instead of showing up at Emily’s dorm in two weeks, he invited her to dinner at The Blue Rose cafe, where he showed up as himself instead of the Ellusionist. Over dinner, he laid everything on the table, including his realization that the reason he had kept coming to her dorm was not to repay her for saving his life, was not to become famous because of the comics she was drawing, it was not just to share his stories with someone… it was for her.

Daniel and Emily officially started going out that night. She does occasionally call him ‘Roy’ when she’s feeling playful. Daniel still runs around as the Ellusionist, righting wrongs and saving people, but now he has someone to come back to… and sometimes patch him back up.

The Ellusionist

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