hero/villain name: Transiston
origin: Technology
powers/gear: Power Armor, Tech Weapons, gadgets
other: He is known to fly, shoot powerful beam attacks, and wield heavy magnetism rays


Transiston is one of the cities oldest protectors, first appearing in the late 70’s to defend against some of the city’s earliest super villain threats. He fought with, against, and around Captain Masochisto, has been on the cover of Time 24 times, and is considered one of BC’s most desired bachelors, despite his secret identity not being known, nor his marital status.

After winning the key to the city for leading the Coalition of Justice to defend against the Titan Mortikill in 1983, the BC PD has given him special clearance as an honorary member of the police force in order to not to pursue him when he fails to report every save due to the whole secret identity thing. He is one of a handful that have been awarded this prestigious status.

He is currently active, though he has been seen less and less lately. This has been attributed to his aging or a possible alcohol problem, but anyone from the future, like you should know what responsibility he is neck deep in.


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