Circle of Justice

The Circle of Justice is an elite team of A-List heroes who are currently the creme of the crop when it comes to vigilante justice. Although not officially sanctioned by the Borderline City government, several of its members have received keys to the city for acts of bravery and heroism. The team consists of five members, lead by Transiston. The other members are Lytebringer, the Stoic Flame, Spellbound and Theta Gamma.

They are the poster child for the Heroes Unite Initiative, proponents of a movement to legalize Vigilantism. While it has gained ground, some of the wackier and less cool heroes are still holding them back.

Transiston: A technology hero, Transiston is the metal power suit wearing hero of the group who supplies the tech and the funding. In addition to being the team’s leader, he is also the supplier of all the team’s tech gear. While he is not as active as he once was, he does still appear from time to time on their bigger busts and acts of justice.

Lytebringer: A supernatural hero, Lytebringer is the teams mascot and most powerful hero. Her strength lies in her ability to fly with her angelic wings, her supernatural ability with her fiery blade of the same name but with conventional spelling (Lightbringer). She also seems to be invulnerable. She is often called “Lyte” or “Lytitia” by her comrades.

Stoic Flame: A superheated hero, the Stoic Flame is encased in flame at all times, despite many a scientist’s attempt to extinguish this effect. Instead of letting it get him down (or burn him up), he took to heroing instead. His power is really just being on fire, but really, isn’t that enough? Oh and he’s stoic in the face of danger. He’s too hot to care about things that melt when attempting to hurt him. Usually, him showing up means the situation is handled quickly as villains don’t like catching on fire.

Spellbound: A magic hero, Spellbound is a master wizard from parts unknown, or just outcast for causing too much of a ruckus in New Normslund. He brings a wide variety of skill to the table, able to enchant, disenchant, float or blow up just about anything with a wiggle of his wand. And this is not the Harry Potter wand→wang translation, so that was not a way to say he has a magic… you get the drift.

Theta Gamma: An alien hero, Theta Gamma is copper in coloring, and of unknown galactic origin. However, he considers Borderline City his home and defends it with the help of his comrades. While his choice of names is rather boring, his powers are most certainly not. He is an outsanding telekinetic with the power of mind over matter. Bullets stop in front of him and are reflected back at his opponents, cars stop in motion when attempting to make getaways, time seems to stop (or at least everyone nearby can’t move).

Circle of Justice

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