Force Field Attribute House Rules

COST: 3 Points/Level
OPTIONAL PMVS: Duration, Range
PROGRESSION: Linear; -10 damage reduction each Level
REDUCTION: Lower damage reduction
RESTRICTIONS: None (see Limited Disability, below)

A Force Field is an energy field around the character that protects against incoming attacks. Force Fields can represent magical barriers, telekinetic shields, or technological “screens.” The Area PMV is essential for the Force Field; Area Level 2 is required to make it a form-fitting Force Field for a character. Additionally, Duration is only required if the character wishes to create a Force Field that remains unattended. In this case, the Duration indicates how long the Force Field will remain in place before vanishing. Force Fields created in this way cannot move — they are static structures.

A typical Force Field is different from Armour, since it can be battered down by a sufficiently powerful attack. A Force Field can be “up” or “down.” When down, it does not stop any damage. Unless the Detectable Defect (page 52) is assigned, an up Force Field is invisible. Force Field status must be determined at the start of the character’s actions for the round and cannot be changed until his or her turn to act in the next round.

Attack damage is first applied to the Force Field, with any additional penetrating damage applied against Armour (if any). Thus, if a weapon hit successfully penetrates a Force Field, the Armour Attribute can still protect against it. A Force Field can be reduced or even knocked down by a sufficiently powerful attack. If an attack does more damage than the Force Field prevents (even if the rest of the damage is absorbed by Armour), the Force Field temporarily loses one Level of
effectiveness. The character can only regain Levels if the field is down and regenerating, unless the Regenerating Ability is assigned. A Force Field recovers one Level every round it is turned off and not in operation (“down”). A Force Field that is knocked down to zero Levels automatically shuts off to regenerate.

A Force Field can be given additional customized Abilities or Disabilities. Each Ability taken increases the cost of the Field by 2 character points, but gives it some special capability. Each Disability taken decreases the cost by 2 character points, but adds some sort of weakness.

Force Field Attribute House Rules

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